Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Colore Ton Monde: C'est le mois des morts, on change de corps

The entries for September's Challenge are here. Again, a great range of games on show, and some well painted miniatures (I do not include mine in this category).

Of course the October challenge was going to be based on Halloween. What else could it have been? In fact this month we got an early heads-up on the challenge, as it requires some conversion/sculpting:

C'est le mois des morts, on change de corps

L'Halloween arrive à grand pas, et les enfants (de tous âges) travaillent sur leurs costumes. Ils se préparent à se transformer pour l'ultime soirée où ils iront ramasser des tonnes de bonbons (ou boire jusqu'à plus soif, c'est selon).

Pour le mois d'octobre, nous vous invitons à peindre un modèle que vous aurez au préalable converti. Bits swap, kit bashing, sculpture, tout est permis.

It is the month of the dead, we change bodies

Halloween is almost here and the children (of all ages) are working on their costumes. They are preparing to turn to the ultimate evening where they will collect tons of candy (or drink for those who are thirsty, it depends).

For the month of October, we invite you to paint a model that you previously converted. Bits swap, kit bashing, sculpture, everything is permitted.
Easy peasy. This coincides exactly with the Sekrit Projekt
I have been posting recently. More of which I shall post very soon. Perfect.

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