Thursday, February 2, 2017

CS1 Brainwaster

There is a renaissance in old school gaming right now. With Oldhammer sites springing up all over the place. Frostgrave (and other Osprey games) inspiring gamers to get our their old lead, dust it off and put it on the table.

There is also a resurgence in old games taking on a new skin.

This post is where these two trends meet.

I am a writer for the Viridian Wars blog, which up till recently has been a once a year kind of thing, but I have been inspired to write few posts recently. Much of this inspiration has been due to me finding new uses for old minis that I love, which include a lot of the old Void range. I have ot, however, been getting in more games of Void 1.1. Nor have I found players in this city with which to do so. What I have been looking to play, however, is Rogue Stars, one of the afore mentioned Osprey games, and SLA CS1 a game from the second group which takes a much loved (cult?) RPG from the 90s, and remakes it as a modern skirmish game.

The melding of these forces has led to this.

This is me playing around with the filters on powerpoint to make a mash up of a recently painted figure from the Void VASA range of Militia, and pasting him on top of the original front cover of the SLA RPG. Of course, there are those amongst you who didn't need me to explain that, but for the younger readers, indulge me.

Here of course is the original artwork, and paint scheme inspiration for the figure, along with some better pics of the figure himself.

Of course, he is still to be based. but the painting is complete. I rather like the way the shading on the coat is based on the artwork, rather than the lighting as I would normally do.

::: Welcome to the World of Progress :::

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2016, a review.

So, we're well into 2017 now. I'll hold off on any commentary on how 2016 was in general, but here stick to a review of my painting for the year.

I'm not sure it was a particularly productive year, but there are some pieces I'm happy with. At least I have complete Frostgrave and Rogue Stars warbands.




Here's to 2017. May it be productive and full of gaming, modelling and painting.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Frostgrave: Treasure Markers

After posting my tech-treasure markers, I realised that I had never posted any pics of the treasure markers I made to use with Frostgrave. I think the main reason for this is that I didn't really have any great images of them. Anyway, here they are, bad pics and all. All of these were made from scratch from my bits box, and a few other odds and ends. A couple (the scroll and book) were made from scratch from greenstuff.

There are 18 in all, enough for 3 tables of Frostgrave to run simultaneously. I'm particularly proud of the piles of gold. They were really easy, just a pile of sand, painted gold, with some glitter added for a real sparkle. Unfortunately, the glitter has mostly worn off with the rubbing against the sponge of my minis bag..

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Urban War: Oni Class Shogun Battlesuit with Katana

After completing my Triad Boss, and reading through Rogue Stars, I figured I really need some kind of Robot to go with my gang. To this end, I pulled this Oni Battlesuit out of storage. This is supposed to be a battlesuit, but looking at it, there's not much space for anyone but the smallest of pilots to go, so I'm calling it a Robot.

Pictured with the Triad boss here to give an idea of scale.

In the original Void 1.1, the Shogun was a battlesuit, armed with katana and shield, but of the many versions on the VASA battlesuits, I liked it the least. However in the Urban War iteration, this name was given to this melee orientated battkesuit, with some small range capabilities (there's a small gun in the battlesuits's mouth.

I'm not a fan of the back of the shield. It is really plain, which is unfortunate since you see most of the back of the shield after it has been attached to the miniature. I'm going to have to go back and do something with that.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cleaning out the Closet Part IV

I made a bit of an error when making the logo for this challenge to myself,in dating it 2016, when I had really meant this to be a winter 2016-17 challenge. However, with that in mind, here's the finally tally as we leave behind 2016, and head off into the future:

Frostgrave RangerComplete.

Dystopian Legions French LegionnairesHMG complete, the Legionnaires and Lieutenant really are sitting on the shelf staring at me right now!

Urban War Triad RetainersComplete.

Urban War Viridian Special Forces and SniperComplete.

Urban War Triad Boss: Complete.

Urban WarKabuki DollComplete

Urban War Sumotori: Nope, not yet.

Urban War Viridian HMG: Complete. All that was left was basing him to match the rest of his friends.

Menoth Army: Yeah, let's be realistic and leave this off the list and make it the next plan on the workbench after this challenge has finished. It really is a bigger job, and Warmachine 3rd ed isn't something I turned out to be playing much. Too many other games taking precedent

Effincool Halflings: Complete. 

Reaper Halfling Rangers: Still mostly done, with only a couple hours to get them table ready.

So that's where the current state of affairs lies. Not a bad tally in the end, although I rushed off at the start and have faltered a little as the year petered out, I'm still happy with the results. Off into the New Year we go!

Hope you all have a great 2017. May it be everything 2016 was not.

Urban War: Viridian Colonial Veteran HMG Team

Yet another miniature for Urban War, a Viridian HMG support team. Painted and repainted a long time ago, finally got round to finishing the base.

Quick post to get this up there. I'm not sure if this is much use in any games I have planned, as it has two minis on the same base, but we'll see.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Urban War Triad Boss

So after 2 hours at the pant table, give or take, I've squeaked out another of the minis I wanted to finish off for my Cleaning out the closet challenge for the end of the year. Ideally, I should have dropped the 2016 from the logo I made, as I had originally wanted this to be a winter event, but you live and learn.

This is the Triad Boss for Urban Mammoth's game Urban War. This was a limited edition release that came when you bought one of the original magazines that were the rules for the 1st Edition Urban War (issue number XX). He has his katana in hand, which I always thought a little cooler than the pistol wielding general release version.

In the end, I didn't paint over the cherry blossoms, as I previously planned to, but I do think they are looking a bit better than they were, if still not perfect. He also looks like he's leaning a little, which is kind of annoying, but is down to how he was placed on the scenic base I had already prepared. Good enough to get on the table at the head of a Triad gang for Rogue Stars for sure, though now I like the idea of fielding my Oni class Shogun battle-suit as a big ass robot to stomp on the other side. Either way, my growing Triad force has already gotten too large to be played as a Rogue Stars force, and will have to find another way to make it all on to the table at once.

I'll post a run down of what I have managed to complete for my challenge in the New year, but after finishing off this guy, I based up the last of the Viridians I had previously painted, leaving not so much to complete. 

Anyway, Happy Hogmanay to you all, see you on the flipside!