Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dystopian Legions: Codename Iron Scorpion I

My box has arrived. I am now the proud owner of the Dystopian Legions two player box set, Codename: Iron Scorpion. Not only does this box contain the new version of the rules and a campaign guide, it also has 2 armies (The Covenant of Antartica and the Republic of France), as well as templates, dice, cards and counters, but it also has scenery in the form of a ruined fort in multiple parts, all ready for the included campaign, and other games. That's pretty unbeatable for content I think. Full contents are listed on the Spartan Games website here.

I'll post pictures and a review shortly, and will get on with building the minis in the next week or so, as there area few local gamers who are waiting to play with me. November's going to be another Dystopian Legions month here on Lead and Paint!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Signal Boost: American History Too

I would very much like to draw your attention to American History Too, a thirty minute podcast, coming very much from an academic stand point, being of direct use to students studying history at University, particularly Edinburgh University, but of course, learning and discussion are by no means the preserve of mere students, some may even say they're even wasted on students.

As a further gaming link, as if one was needed, you may have heard of one of the podcasters before in gaming circles. Dr Malcolm Craig, is a real renaissance man, as he is also the Writer/Creator of both Cold City and Hot War, two excellent indie RPGs that I can thoroughly recommend to those of you who play RPGs.

One criticism I would make, they need to work on their logo, but hey, I'll let them off since they're just setting out.
Go check them out, they now have a whole two episodes for you to listen to.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Colore ton Monde: Alten Ashley I

Some WIPs for this month's Colore ton Monde challenge mini. I went with the monster hunter angle, rather than the monster itself, which is of course covered by the always flexible monthly theme (go here to see October's theme). So here are the first shots of Alten Ashley.

Alten is very much close to being done. These are only WIPs for two reasons. First off, I started painting his sword that sticks onto his back at the same time I started painting him, but by the time I got round to finishing him, I had misplaced the sword. This is very annoying, and I hope it turns up, however, if Alten is ever using his sword in a game, that game is not going well for him!

The second reason is that, as always, I was very happy with the way he was looking, till I saw the pictures. My eyes are just not what they used to be. So, I'll be going back over the mini, mainly to sort out his hair and face.

The plants on his base are some chopped up plastic aquarium plants that I recently re-purposed (all the fish have finally passed on in our tank, so I had to doe something with all the bits). They work rather well I feel. I went with thistles, as they are purple and cream, which fits in with my other mercs, without me having to give him a garish purple coat, thereby breaking his camouflage. There is also a little purple on his boot-knife, just to keep him on theme.

Here's a close up of the face. I was trying a couple of new things here. First off, the stubble, and secondly, giving a tint to the bottom lip. Both f these to give more character to the paint job. However, I'm not sure either works with my normal way of doing eyes, i.e. ignoring them and letting the inks do the job of suggesting the presence of eyes.

It was this picture that convinced me I'll have to go back and get out the little paintbrushes before I'm happy with this guy.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Colore ton Monde: October

This month's challenge has been posted on the Club Chaos facebook page, and not wholly surprisingly, it is a Halloween based challenge. Last month's entry by me, with a link to the other entrants can be found here.

This month's theme is as follows:
* Monstrueusement vôtre *

Octobre, avec l'Halloween à sa toute fin, est le mois de la peur et des monstres. Pour le mois d'octobre, nous vous invitons à peindre une créature monstrueuse, qui inspire la peur ou les cauchemars. Nous étendons aux défenseurs de la veuve et l'orphelin qui combattent ces dits monstres, ou à tout modèle déguisé.
* Monstrously Yours *

October with Halloween at its very end, is the month of fear and monsters. For the month of October, we invite you to paint a monstrous creature who inspires fear or nightmares. We extend this to cover the defenders of widows and the orphans who fight these so-called monsters, or to any model in disguise.


So, a straight up Halloween theme then. Time to go have a rake around in the Legion of Everblight bucket and see what I can pull out.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Colore ton Monde: September, New Tech

This has been a slooooow month, with real life getting in the way of hobby time to a much larger extent than normal. I won't bore you with the details, but I will excite you with a painted mini. One whole big fat painted mini, that is the grand total of this month's gaming output. Go me!

The theme of this month's challenge can be found here, and the rest of the minis are posted on facebook here.

He is rather fat though, that much is true. He is a Sumotori, a heavy (literally) for the Triad faction in Urban War. There are another two just like him to be finished off. In the end, the paint job really doesn't live up to close inspection, but he's done.

How I spend month's gaming time will be entirely determined on which of the products I have ordered arrives first. I am awaiting the Iron Scorpion box set from Spartan, which has been already delayed at the printers, and there's usually about a month's lag in me getting things from them over on this side of the Atlantic. I am also close to receiving two Kickstarters from Chaosium. Horror on the Orient Express, and 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu. Both of which are currently scheduled for a mid-October release. If these arrive, I intend to put together a gaming group for that, which won't necessarily compete directly with my gaming time, as that's likely to be a weekend evening event, however, prepping it is highly likely to eat into my time at the painting table.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Scottish Referendum

I am Scottish. I live in Quebec. These are facts, the rest of this post contains nothing but rambling, politics and points of view. If none of those interest you, please feel free to skip this post, as it is not wargame or gaming related.

Still here? Okay. I have another blog, a personal blog. One that has been running in various guises for about 14 years now with sporadic regularity. Mostly it is pictures of my kids, and other stuff that would only ever be interesting to family and possibly my future self. However, the first two facts I stated in the beginning of this post dictate that I have a keen and special interest in the goings on in Scotland over the last couple of weeks, and that has been taking my attentions away from the delights of wargame blogging, hence the radio silence here. If this is something that interests you, and you want to hear my point of views on these matters, then please feel free to click on this link and go read the blog. They appear in reverse chronological order in that link, so scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the start.

If this is of absolute no interest to you, and I would assume that goes for the most of my readers, then don't worry, I won't be insulted if you don't click. Now that's all over with, I'll be back to this being my main blog, and there'll be some pretty pictures of painted toy soldiers for you all to admire in the very near future.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wild West Exodus Demo

Earlier this week, I had a demo game of Wild West Exodus. I had seen this game pass by on Kickstarter, and kept one eye on it, but in the end, although I was taken by some of the miniatures, (the not-the-crew-of-the-Serenity set in particular) there were none of the factions that took hold of my imagination enough to buy into it without trying it first.

The game I had was between the Warrior Nation and the Union army. We played with slightly cut down versions of the starter boxes, as some of the minis from the stores demo sets were still off getting painted. In the end we played with $400 of miniatures per side (they use $ as points in the game, the minis didn't cost that much!).

As a brief overview of the rules (from my 1 game), you make up your gang, and even though the trooper card has multiple wounds scores on one card (up to 5), they all act as individuals, not as a unit. Players then take turns activating up to 3 figs at a time (your choice, but you must activate 1). All rolls are d10, Rolling over the stat, with modifiers. Not rocket science.  Each fig has a number of action points, which can be spent to move, fire, aim, charge (and a couple others which I didn't get round to using). The basic troopers are pretty dull by themselves, but the presence of the special characters (bosses and underbosses) who are named/limited characters really boost the abilities of the basic gangers (at least this is the case with the Union, not surprising as they are the army faction)

Overall, I found it to be a fast game, easy to pick up, and both players are always involved through rolling to save rather than damage rolls, that and the fact you only ever have to wait a max of three activations before you get to respond. there is also an interrupt action, but I won't say much on this as we didn't use it (seems to be better for snipers).

The minis are nearer 32mm in scale (close to Dystopian Legions I think), and are plastic. They seem to hold a little less detail than the DL metal sculpts, although I didn't hold them side by side to compare. I saw a similar effect on some of the other plastic minis I have seen come out of recent kickstarters, and it may be due to having to over use the molds to fill orders fast, so it could be that this improves with time. The minis also come with a guide on how to put them together, almost unknown in a minis game.

They are also supplied with unique bases. These bases are a little more than 30mm (they may be 32mm) and instead if having the recess in the centre like common 30mm bases, which is great for basing detail, they area actually raised in the centre. This means they make the individual minis more like centrepiece models.

One nice thing about the way the game is being marketed, if you go to the store on the WWE web site, you can get the stats for each mini, so you know exactly what they do and what they cost without having to buy anything first. I like that openness.

 Here are some pics from my phone of the Union troops I put in the field:


...and the opponents, the Warrior Nation, quick piece of advice, don't get into melee with the Werewolf, it won't end well.
Overall, I really liked it for its speed of play, and interaction between the players at all times. I'm not completely sold on the softness of the plastic for the minis, and the price isn't bad for all that you get in the box, but I think I'll hold off to see how it takes off in the local store before buying into it, as there isn't one faction that I'm completely sold on yet stylistically.