Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dystopian Legion: Knightly Orders, Light Dragoons

I have finally finished with the Light Dragoons. These guys took forever, and as always, once you take some good pics of your minis, you see them in all their sloppy glory, so have to go back and work on them some more!

Either way, these guys are ready for the table, (not that two unit's will be seeing the table at the same time very often).

I was particularly proud of the hat bands on their glengarrys. The check looks fine from a distance, but up close, not so much.

Here are some group shots. The close ups are Under the cut at the bottom of the post.


To distinguish between the two sections, the bases are different. One with fences, and the second section with some bricks/tiles on them. I had originally though to do them with different colour facings on the uniforms, but this way they can all be fielded in one unit, is I don't want to put them on the table with their specialist in tow (the guys with the big guns).

Now, on to the individual pics of each Knight. Warning, that's a lot of pictures after the cut. Click on the pictures for larger versions, that way you can see all the flaws in my paint job!

Monday, August 11, 2014

IHMN: Society of Thule, Dr Kobalt

Here is this month's miniature for the Colore Ton Monde painting challenge. Again, an early finish this month, and again, this is leaving me with plenty of time to get on with painting my Dystopian Legion Light Dragoons (those guys are taking forever for some reason).

Dr Kobalt is Count von Stroheim's personal artificer, and the brains behind the Tod-truppen. His Arc generator means that any Jager that fall in his vicinity are raised again as Tod-truppen.

This month's theme was archaeology, but it could also be stretched to cover scientific types (there are not many straight archaeological miniatures). Therefore, this guy fits right in.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Geeks of the North

For those of you who listen to podcasts or the like whilst painting of an evening, I have a new wargaming Podcast fo you to try. Geeks of the North is made by a couple of the local gamers, and fellow members of the Oldies group I go to.

This is their first offering, so, you can hear the jitters in their voices at the very start, but they soon settle in. The topics of conversation for this episode are Club Chaos, Chaosludik, Northern Defenders and Gen Con. 

Check out the facebook page here, and twitter here. The podcast page here. So why don't you go line up Episode 0 and have a listen.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Colore ton Monde August: Archaeology

It's that time of the month again (i.e. the beginning) where we see the results of last month's painting challege, and start another. July's entries can all be found  on facebook here for those of you who have such technology.

My entry was posted a while back (I was organised last month), and can be found here.

This month's challenge is as follows.

* Archéo-truc *
Le mois d'août est le mois de l'archéologie. Pour le souligner, nous vous invitons à peindre un modèle représentant un scientifique, un chercheur, un explorateur, etc. Vous pouvez aussi peindre une antiquité, un modèle que vous avez depuis belle lurette.
August is the month of archaeology. To emphasise this, we invite you to paint a model representing a scientist, researcher, exploreer, etc. You can also paint an antique, a model that you've had for a long long time.

The first mini that sprang to mind was Proffesor Pendrake, but I've already painted him for a previous Colore ton Monde, so he's out. A quick look at the paint queue struck glod, as there's a scientist member of my Society of Thule IHMN crew sitting at the front. I would rather have found something more archaologically slanted, but science counts.

I am also tempted to go into my recently recovered boxes of old minis and see what I can dig out. There's some gold in there that might be fun.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kingdom of Britannia: Light Dragoons WIP

Back to the Dystopian legions for a bit with the Light Dragoons. The lull in their release schedule means I can get well on my way to having a fully painted collection for my Kingdom of Britannia force.  After these guys are done, I'll only have the tank, the Black Watch to finish, and the Russian Mercs to do.

These guys have been looking at me from my shelf for a few months, but I decided, with this month's Colore ton Monde out of the way early, the path was clear.

It says something about the level of interest of this game, when I do a Google search for painted versions of these for some inspiration, and th most hits are links to my own blog! That may be the effect of my Google bubble, but I fear it's also indicative of the state of Dystopian Legions, in that there are not many others out there painting these.

Still, by painting these at the Oldies last night, at least they got some local interest, so another match may be on the horizon soon!

I now have two full units assembled, as pictured here. A bit of overkill, I'm sure, but there's at least 1 scenario that calls for that, plus the lack of units available for the game means I can use two for a bit of variety. I have distinguished between them in their bases. One unit having tiles on the bases, ad the other having remnants of fences they've just trodden over.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

IHMN: Society of Thule, Count Friedrich von Ströheim

Got the brushes out last night, and came across this guy at the top of the lead pile, and I figured he fitted perfectly with this month's Colore ton Monde challenge, so job done!

Count Friedrich von Ströheim is the leader of the Society, and as such is clearly the star of the show. He, along with the Tod-truppen, mean I am now half way through painting this faction, at least as it comes in the box, as I have bought a bunch of other Jäger minis to boost their numbers if need be.


I may go back and add something to the base, and the face leaves a lot to be desired (mostly due to casting issues on the right side behind the pipe), so that will likely be redone. There's a nice big line through his shoulder that I missed too that I'm rather annoyed about, but hey, it's table ready.

I'm also swithering whether to go back and paint the helmet black instead of silver. Any thoughts?

With the challenge out of the way, I'm free to get on with whatever, but I think I'll try to get the rest of this faction done. I've mostly finished the base coats on the Jägers, which only leaves 2 more to go.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Colore ton Monde Juillet: Star Player

Last month was moving month here in Montreal, so the challenge was to paint a box (or use that as the inspiration. The entries for this challenge can be seen on the Club Chaos group's facebook page here, and the post on my entry with multiple pics is here.

This month's challenge takes the ongoing World Cup as it's inspiration, and challenges us to paint a Star Player.

* Star Player *  
En l'honneur de la Coupe du Monde, nous vous invitons à peindre un de vos Star Players.

Soit un modèle qui fait plus que sa part, sur lequel vous vous fiez beaucoup et qui ne passe jamais inaperçu dans une partie (et/ou qui coûte un moton de points/bidoux )

* Star  Player*
In honour of the World Cup, we invite you to paint your Star Players.

Either a model that does more than its share, on which you rely a lot, or never goes unnoticed in a game (and/or cost a heap of points)  
I have just returned from my 2 week summer holidays (more on that soon), so I have not yet decided where to go with this. The simplest response would be to go with a Warlock or Warcaster, as I always have many of those on the lead pile, but I feel that a little too easy, so I'll wait till I get the paint brushes out and see where the inspiration takes me!