Thursday, August 18, 2016

In Summer....

I always seem to have a dearth of posts in summer, but I had to break the silence to post this. 

My last few posts have been recounting the various WIP stages of a modelling commission by me to Le Zonion. I have a few more WIP shots of the modelling process, which I will share in another post. Le Zonion also has the equipment to be able to cast some small number of miniatures too, so we decided to go down this route, for the very simple fact that both my daughters, and his son, after seeing the mini, wanted their own copies. So he went ahead and cast it. This lead to a delay in getting the arms right, then some experimentation with new mold materials. All in all a very educational process for me, who has never been on the inside of this mind of process before.

Finally the first batch was done. Of a run of 30 minis, 10 were usable, but improvements have already been made for the next attempt.

This does thankfully mean that on Tuesday evening I got my hands on three little metal Snow Golems. One for me, and one for each of the girls. This evening, I speed painted one. And here we have the final results.

And here he is with the rest of his family. Don't they all look so happy together!?

I am inordinately pleased with the way he has come out. The only thing that Le Zonion did suggest was that I drill a hole in his head, and insert three strands of wire from the inside of a tie-tag (or another very thin wire) to suggest branch-like hair, but I skipped on this part for this one, so I could get him on the table for my Frostgrave game tomorrow evening!

If there are any of you interested in getting your hands on one of these Snow Golems, perhaps to give him a warm hug, then do get in touch, the second batch should be available soon!

Monday, June 13, 2016

WIP Modelling Commission IV

Ok, the Snow Golem is now completed in terms of the main body, head and face, with only the hair and arms to go, however, he has been paused at this stage, as how these parts progress will depend on whether or not the miniature will stay as a green, for me to paint and use as an unique commissioned piece, or whether he will be cast in metal, so that multiple copies of him can be made.


If he is to be cast, then the arms and hair will have to be made thicker. Then a decision has to be made one way or the other, if he is to be cast, then how many copies are to be made.
This is an ongoing discussion, and if it is possible to cast, I'll be sure to post here to see if anyone wants one!

Either way, I am super happy with what Le Zonion has done!

Friday, June 10, 2016

WIP Modelling Commission III

A little something to bring a smile to your Friday afternoon. The latest WIP shot of my miniature Snow Golem.

Happy Friday and warm hugs to you all.

What I'm impressed by is that le Zonion did some of the sculpting for it on the train! I have trouble keeping my hands stable at a desk some times.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Captain, my Captain

In a comparative flurry of activity (comparative to the last few months at least) I have finished off another member of my Frostgrave warband. This time it is my Captain.

Meet Kristof. Yes, familiar name, maybe you've heard it somewhere before, but I assure you, it's a common name up here in the Northern Wastes. 

I tried to take a little more time over this one, and I'm very happy with the face and hair, but I admit, I rushed him at the end, and the trews and boots are just lazily finished.

Finishing this fig leaves me with just one more to do to complete the 10 person warband I run in the Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign at my FLGS. I am one ranger away from the challenge I set myself back in April, that is until I get the commission piece that le Zonion is working on for me, which by all accounts shouldn't be too long now.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

WIP Modelling Commission II

Further updates from le Zonion, (first pics here). If you don't know who this is yet, then you really have been living under a rock!

Also if you don't know who it is, then you are the only one without a certain song in your head right now, and I envy you that.

I can't wait to get this guy onto the table!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

More for the Frostgrave Warband

The Frostgrave campaign at my FLGS is in ful swing. We're heading on to scenario 6. I'm also almost fully painted too.

Yesterday evening I completed this second Treasure Hunter and Rangifer, leaving me just my Captain and Ranger to finish.

The Treasure Hunter is a reaper fig, and the Rangifer is from the official Frostgrave line by North Star,

There is a second Rangifer who is almost complete too, but I need to finish the ribbons round his antlers, and I only have one in my Warband, so he'll wait till I finish my Captain before being done.

Then we'll get a pic of the whole warband (with the new addition previewed here) at completion. Hopefully before the end of the campaign!

Frostgrave Skeletons

Other than the small warband required for Frostgrave, most players need to find a range of creatures that are either part of a scenario, or just wander into the battlefield from time to time.

Many players have lots of random creatures from their time playing D&D, however, in all my years as a gamer, I have never really partaken of that particular game, so I do not have a bunch of random skeletons and ghouls kicking around the gaming cupboard.

Enter Reaper bones. I picked up a packet of plastic skeletons, based them on pennies for weight, and drybrushed them to get these quick and dirty table-ready skeletons.

Armoured version and Lich Lord to follow (those are all metal Northstar minis, so not so quick and dirty with them!).