Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day Gift to Myself

A bit of an interim post, as I've been trying to write up a couple of battle reports for Dystopian Legions, after having had my first two games (at last).

Not that I don't love the hand made gifts the girls will give me on Sunday morning, and I'll sure as hell be taking the long lie that comes with it, but a neighbour told me of an offer at Canadian Tire this week, where I could pick up a Dremmel kit (rotary tool kit, as it's not actually a Dremmel (tm)) that normally goes for $150, for a mere $40. Not only that, but he offered to pick one up for me too. So, $40 later, here we are, a nice little gift to myself.

That's a lot of bits and pieces in that box there, there's even a little table clamp to fit to the kitchen table (no man cave in this house).

Now to go find some minis to chop up and convert!


  1. I can hear the lead legions quaking in fear and the new annihilator! What a cracking buy!

    1. Indeed they are, or at least will be soon, as I had a closer look through the box, there seems to be no cutting blade (amongst the 30 odd other attachments). Who sells a dremmel with no cutting blade, I ask you!