Thursday, July 25, 2013

WIP 91st Highlanders

An update on the nearly finished 91st Highland Regiment of foot. Two nights of painting in a row, and I have all but finished these guys. Not my first time attempting tartan, that was a long time back, but the first time I've finished a unit, never mind a model, with all the tartan done. It looks fine on the table, but messy as hell in the close-ups.

Before the tartan:

After the tartan:

Only the hair and a bit of tidying up to do, then they'll be based and finished. I'm still waiting for the piper to arrive, and maybe with a little conversion one of the other minis in the Perry command pack I ordered can do as a Sergeant, or another Lieutenant for my Dystopian Legions forces.

Then it's on to the table with them.


  1. The tartan does make them look even better Derek, quality work!

  2. They look very good together! The duplicating worked well!


    1. Thanks Peter, they do look well together. I hope to finish them off this week.

  3. Outstanding! Really love these.