Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Colore ton Monde May.

The start of the month, and another Colore ton Monde update. This month's entries can be found here. For those of you who need to brush up on their French reading skills, there are two important fact to be taken from that post. One, the lucky winner of the trimesteral draw was none other than ME! Yay, $20 to spend in my FLGS. Secondly, from now on, Club Chaos will be moving their challenge to Facebook from Blogger (their page is here). I am a little saddened by this, but not wholly surprised. They have a much larger presence on FB, as more members have facebook accounts than blogs, so the traffic to their FB page is obvioulsy higher. Also, they are building a local scene, and this is much better achieved through facebook, due to its interactivity. This allows members to post their own stuff, without the hassle of setting up and running a blog (no small effort). FB is better at local community building, leaving their blog for reviews, match reports and other tutorials

I will however, continue to post the challenge here, at least for my own interest, if no one else's!

My entry to April's challenge. is posted above. I played with a composite image this time, to get all the little parts of interest into one picture. I think it worked rather well. A full range of pics can be found in my previous post.

Onwards to May's challenge.

Joyeux anniversaire !

Le défi Colore ton Monde a deux ans, et pour célébrer le tout, nous pouvions y aller avec pas mal n'importe quel thème. C'est donc ce que nous avons choisi : n'importe quel thème.  Pour le mois de mai, vous pouvez peindre n'importe quoi !

Happy Anniversary !

The Colore ton Monde challenge is two years old, and to celebrate it all, we could go with any theme we liked. So, that's what we chose: any theme you like. For the month of May, you can paint anything you want!
Alright then, what do we have next on the waiting list!

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