Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Frostgrave Wizards

In the build up to some games of Frostgrave, I dug out some of my old Warhammer minis, as they fit in perfectly with the theme of the game. I'll post more on how the system plays once I get a couple of games in, but there seems to be quite a few local players who are interested. Enough to make it work, as it relies as much on the campaign side of the game as it does on the one-off scenarios.

The first of the minis I have completed with Frostgrave in mind was painted up as a shamen/warlock in the browns. The autumn leaves on the base just seemed to bring this out better.

When it came to the second of these two, I went with a more winter theme, fitting in with the Frostgrave esthetic. I especially like his staff, it has a real Oldhammer look to it. Just comical enough.

The theme continues if we place these two wizened gentleman next to another completed miniature, who isn't strictly Oldhammer, but was pained up with a Bretonnian army in mind. When the three are placed together, we have Summer, Autumn and Winter. I have already selected a great mini to be Spring, and that will also do as an apprentice for Frostgrave, as these minis are all far to old to still be apprentices!

These minis may have taken me away from this years goal fo completing my Khador casters, but at least they got me back into painting after a 6 month hiatus. Back with more minis for this game soon.


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    1. Cheers mate. Any chance you'll be facing them across the table for a game? ;)

    2. After tonight, big chance indeed! I'm rummaging through my collector minis to build the sexiest Magus Warband this side of the city (of Frostgrave!) :P

    3. Looking forward to seeing them, I plan to organise a game or two in the weeks to come.

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    1. Thanks for that Fran. It's good to be back at the paint table, and having good minis to work with helps.

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    1. Thank you Michael. I am rather fond of them.

  4. Very nice work on all three minis especially the female figure.

    1. Thanks for that, I'm quite proud of them! :D