Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A couple more games of IHMN

British Gun-Line
In an effort to clean out my draft folder on the blog, I'm finally getting round to writing up and posting about my last couple of In Her Majesty's Name games. Mostly because the local gaming scene is now in the Grip of Frostgrave Fever, and I want to get on to posting about that.

Run for the Steamship
I had two more games of IHMN, and I finally think I'm getting a handle on it. The first of the two games was with the same force as I had previously used, that is my British Army redcoat army, Mike, my opponent played the Society of Thule. We played the 'Death at your Heels' scenario, running across the board to get to the boat and away from the In this game we messed up a lot of the rules, (to both our benefits). I lost on scenario, but it was a lot of fun, and a fast game, as befits the scenario.

Zulu Rifleman takes aim
The second I decided I was bored of the gun line type of Company I had been playing, and I wanted to try out the Mystic rules, which are a very big part of the Pulp side of the game. To this end, I put together a Company that was mostly Ankhenaten and crew from the main book, with a few Zulu warriors from the Heroes Villains and Fiends Companion, mostly because I had the figures for them. My opponent put together a Mongol Horde army, with lots of Cavalry to come right across the table at into the thick of it.

In the end, I won, but mostly because Mike forgot a bunch of rules on his Leader model, who should not have gone down anywhere near as fast as he did. The Mystic rules really make it a different game in a lot of way, but still within the same genre and feel as it is if you play without.  I must admit, Ankhenaten with two mummy priests, all who have mystical powers was rather a strong combination.

Ankhenaten and Crew

Lots of fun, but I'm not sure when I'll get the next game in, as we're all a bit too busy with Frostgrave, but more on that soon.


  1. Looks like it was a blast - love the crews.

    1. It was Michael. This is definitely a game that benefits from a story or scenario, but it is also one that has a narrative game play, so it sometimes writes itself!