Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cleaning out the Closet Part IV

I made a bit of an error when making the logo for this challenge to myself,in dating it 2016, when I had really meant this to be a winter 2016-17 challenge. However, with that in mind, here's the finally tally as we leave behind 2016, and head off into the future:

Frostgrave RangerComplete.

Dystopian Legions French LegionnairesHMG complete, the Legionnaires and Lieutenant really are sitting on the shelf staring at me right now!

Urban War Triad RetainersComplete.

Urban War Viridian Special Forces and SniperComplete.

Urban War Triad Boss: Complete.

Urban WarKabuki DollComplete

Urban War Sumotori: Nope, not yet.

Urban War Viridian HMG: Complete. All that was left was basing him to match the rest of his friends.

Menoth Army: Yeah, let's be realistic and leave this off the list and make it the next plan on the workbench after this challenge has finished. It really is a bigger job, and Warmachine 3rd ed isn't something I turned out to be playing much. Too many other games taking precedent

Effincool Halflings: Complete. 

Reaper Halfling Rangers: Still mostly done, with only a couple hours to get them table ready.

So that's where the current state of affairs lies. Not a bad tally in the end, although I rushed off at the start and have faltered a little as the year petered out, I'm still happy with the results. Off into the New Year we go!

Hope you all have a great 2017. May it be everything 2016 was not.


  1. Great result Derek, you have certainly made some inroads into the lead pile.

    1. I'm getting there. I've stopped buying new minis till I get some more of that white metal painted.

  2. Replies
    1. Not a list of the year's work, just some projects that had been lying half done that I decided to get finished this winter. I plan to post a resume of the year's work soon, but thanks all the same! :)