Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Colore ton Monde: September 'on vote!'

Augusts minis for the 'Colore ton Monde' challenge are posted here, along with September's challenge. Go check it out, I love the little sister model, and the imaginative base for the Soda Pop mini. I wonder if that's the original base, or a 'conversion'. Either way it works well.

My entry can be seen here.

Onwards to September, and this month the challenge is as follows:

Le 4 septembre, on vote !

C'est le temps de voter au provincial, allez exercer votre droit ! Une fois votre vote déposé dans l'urne, prenez conscience que c'est le petit peuple qui a le pouvoir de décider.
Pour le mois de septembre, nous vous invitons à peindre de la troupaille: un modèle "de base" pour un de vos jeux, un simple soldat, de la chair à cannon, etc.

On the 4th of September, we vote!

It's time to vote in the provincial elections, please exercise your right! Once your vote in a ballot box, be aware that it is the little people who have the power to decide.   For the month of September, we invite you to paint a trooper. A basic model for one of your games, a simple soldier, cannon fodder, etc..

So, yes, as you may have gathered from that, it is indeed the time of the Quebec provincial elections (they were yesterday, and passed not without incident. I'll keep the politics out of these pages though). Unfortunately, I couldn't vote, as I'm not a Canadian Citizen (soon, soon), but I can at least vote with my brush and paint up some of the 'cannon-fodder' cluttering up my shelves. No shortage of choice on that front for sure.

My recent games with Legion of Everblight means I have been slightly inspired to get on and paint up my Blighted Swordsmen. Failing that, I could always go ahead and paint up the rest (or at least some of) my Long Gunners to go with the standard bearer I finished a month or two ago. Both are pretty generic models for Warmachine and Hordes. Lets see where this month takes us. Hopefully there'll be a little more time and inspiration to get things moving and make a dent in the lead mountain.

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