Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not the Golden Gobbo's 2012

Due to the untimely death of my laptop, I was not able to get this guy finished in time for entry to this years Golden Gobbo's. As you can see from the rules for entry here, it's not enough to paint a mini, but we need to write up a background and stats for out little lead men. So, although he is painted, he is not competition ready, as I don't have access to my PDFs of 3rd Ed to write up the rules in time. Next year for sure. (Next year I may even have my hardback copy of the rules in the right country to work from!). I'll refrain from writing out the background I had thought of, as that way I can reuse and recyle it for the next time.

I know the date on the mini is on the cusp for the actual dates of 3rd edition (if not downright past it), but I feel he would fit in fine with my 3rd Ed. Wardancers, at least thematically, as I would like to think my painting has improved since then.

The shininess on the mini is due to me photography, as he's already had a coat of Dullcoat to take the shine off him. If I had been feeling a little more adventurous, or had a little more time, he's the perfect mini to paint tattoos onto.

I went for a rather subdued palette on purpose, rather then the gaudy 80's rainbow I could have chosen (even back in the 80's I wasn't into that much).

As always, click the pics for bigger versions.

Iolair Greenleaf

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  1. Sorry you couldn't make the competition - I'll add my admiration here as well as the BLOOD forum! :)

    1. Thanks for that. I did want to support the initiative, but it was not to be!