Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Went to see the Hobbit last night. It was awesome.

It was really great to take another trip into the Middle Earth as imagined by Peter Jackson (and Alan Lee, and the rest of the minds behind this work)

I'm not 100% convinced of Martin Freeman in the role, he brings a little too much Arthur Dent to his Bilbo, at least for this the first of the trilogy, but I hope as the character evolves over the next 2 films, that this becomes less of a thing.

Saw it in 3D 48 fps (frames per second), or whatever the new technology is. I think it worked rather well. I had listened to a review before going where it said this technology meant that, with some of the slower scenes, it was like being at a live production at the theatre, rather than being in a cinema. i think I agree with this statement, although I am not perfectly comfortable with the 3D glasses yet, and wouldn't mind the chane to see the film in 2D, just to be sure.

Cracking hat Bofur!

Some other thoughts:

I want a hat like Bofur's.

I thought that Balin was played by Ken Stott, then wasn't so sure. Turns out I was right.

The Golum scene rocked, and was almost (if not exactly) word for word from the book. Especially in 3D, it really was like being in the room with the two as they matched wits.

It hasn't so much made me want to buy into the Hobbit wargame, as is currently being pedalled by GW (although, I do fear that if/when they release a Thranduil mounted on an Elk figure, I will have to buy it), but it really really took me back to my youth, where me and a few friends would sit round a table each and every Sunday (for quite a few years) playing MERP. As GM, that meant I was steeped in Middle Earth lore, if not from the primary sources, then at least from the I.C.E modules for the game, of which I had a rather impressive collection. Those were the days!

Off to rewatch the first trilogy.

I leave you with Thranduil on an Elk, just because!
Source, as the film stills I found online were not so great.

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