Thursday, December 6, 2012

Colore ton Monde: December, Joyeuses Fêtes

November's entries are all now up on the Club Chaos site. Go and check them out here.

As always, an extremely high standard of painting, and some very manly miniatures to be found, all with impressive facial hair top boot. I particulalry love this one:

Zardoz for the win!

This month's challenge is as follows:

Joyeuses Fêtes

Noël s'en vient, et son Père avec lui. Remplissez-vous les oreilles de joyeux cantiques, que vous ne serez plus capable de supporter bien avant la fin du mois.

Pour le mois de décembre, nous vous invitons à peindre un modèle avec du rouge et du blanc. Un morceau de robot pour les barbus bedonnants.
Translated quickly, christmas is coming, so paint something in red and white. What else could the December challenge be about?

Yes, this is my 100th post. Thank you very much for noticing, however, I think I'll hold off on a grandioso celebratory post for 500, or maybe 250, or maybe after 1 year. Or maybe just when I feel inspired! ;)

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