Saturday, May 4, 2013

Colore Ton Monde Mars, and 1 year anniversary

This month of May is the one year anniversary of the 'Colore ton Monde' painting challenge. Congratulations to Club Chaos for organising this, keeping the momentum going, I think the last month's entries were among the most numerous to date.

My April mini was completed ahead of time, and can be found here. Here's a retrospective of my entries over the last year:

May '12
June '12
July '12
August '12
September 12
October '12 - Failed to complete
November '12
December '12 - Fail
January '13 - Fail
February '13
March '13

I hadn't realised I had dropped the ball on so many, still, it's a great motivator to keep going with the challenge for the rest of the year.

For May's challenge, as well as the usual painting on the topic below, there are a couple of other ways the group will be celebrating the anniversary. First off, this month's entrants will all be entered into a draw for an Army painter Mega Kit. With optional other prizes, if there are enough entries.

Furthermore, there will be two group nights during the month that will allow further entries into the draw, and will even include cake! What more could we ask for!

Ça va faire mal !

Pour le mois de mai, nous vous invitons à peindre un modèle qui cogne. Une brute, un monstre, une machine de guerre qui ne peut être arrêtée: tout ce qui peut avoir un impact significatif sur une table, soit en réduisant en bouillie vos modèles en corps à corps, ou en les explosant à distance. Tant que ça fait mal !

That's gonna hurt!

For the month of May, we invite you to paint a model that hits. A brute, a monster, a war machine that can not be stopped: anything that can have a significant impact on a table or reducing to mush your models in melee or making them explode at a distance. As long as it hurts!
So, I think I'll be taking myself back to Warmachine (it's been a while), and painting up my Mangler, as this mini seems to be capture well the goal of this challenge. The only question is to whether I paint him up as Highborn colours like my Mule, or in a more generic Mercenaries colours, like my Talon. Either way, there are sure to be gears and other body parts strewn across his base.

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