Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yaum the Machine: The Results

As I have previously mentioned, my friend and opponent Yaum has set himself up in business as a painter.He is reknowned amonst the group of Oldies with whom I play to be not only fast, but also extremely talented when it comes to painting miniatures, hence the name of his service, 'Yaum the Machine'. I put my money where my blogging mouth is, so I picked out a mini, and had it painted. the results of which are below.

I'm extremely pleased with this. I left all colour choices and basing up to him, and I'm impressed with the sublety of the painting of the black armour. Black is one of those colours I never get right, he makes it look so simple.

For more info, please go see his blog, or facebook page.


  1. He certainly is a talented chap! A fabulous result.

    1. Agreed! Certainly better than my humble efforts