Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Colore ton Monde, Aout: Damned Bugs!

The results are in for the July challenge. They can be found here. Some nice minis on display. I especially like the Iron Man paint job on Pulp City's Iron Train.  My entry can be found here.

This month's challenge is:

Satanées bébittes

Pour le mois d'août, nous vous invitons à peindre un truc nuisible, comme on en retrouve temps dans nos campagnes à ce temps-ci de l'année. Insectes, xénos, damnés: le thème est large et vôtre à interpréter.

Damned Bugs!

For the month of August, we invite you to paint a nuisance. Like we sometimes find in the countryside at this time of year. Insects, Xenos, damned: the theme is large and yours to interpret.
For this challenge I'm taking a very literal translation. I took this guy, from Reaper miniatures. I figured it would work for a swarm of scarab beetles. Why would I want a swarm of scarabs? Well, that's a question for another post (although one of the labels of this post may give a hint). However, by itself, it wasn't very swarm like. To which end, I sculpted a discarded pith helmet (another clue), and a few more beetles to add to the swarm. I was thankful the victim seems to be in rather modern clothes rather than fantasy gear, as that suits my purposes very well.

Horray for Instant Mold

Also, for those of you who are not yet followers of the blog Trouble At T'Mill, Mike's doing a prizedraw for his 50th birthday. Head on over and enter!


  1. That is a wonderfully gruesome entry, looking forward to seeing him in the paint.

    1. Thanks Michael, now I'm back from my hols, I plan to do just that!