Saturday, August 31, 2013

Colore ton Monde: August, Damned Bugs!

For this month, I decided to take a pretty straight-forward translation of the challenge, and paint some actual bugs.

After adding the insta-mold bugs, I went back and added some green-stuff cuffs to the man on the floor, thereby making him fit in better with my Britannian force, who will likely be facing off against these little mites, if only under another game system than Dystopian Legions.

The base colours were added, but I felt the beetles didn't really stand out against the blue of the trousers.

To which end, I decided to take them one step further, and make them proper Ancient Egyptian Scarabs, with a little gold plate. That way they will function perfectly as part of my Egyptian force for In Her Majesty's name. Which will of course face off against my Kingdom of Britannia riflemen, under a different name.

Job done!

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  1. Oh bravo! Wonderfully gruesome, but full of character.