Friday, September 6, 2013

Dystopian Legions: Kingdom of Britannia Black Watch Infantry

My FLGS finally got in the Black Watch Infantry. I of course picked up one box, but I am sorely tempted to pick up another. If I am going to field these guys, I doubt I'll be putting down a minimum unit, and even once I get the Sergeant and Specialist, there will still be space for another 3 riflemen and a Musician (which I plan to convert from the basic troopers using Victoria Mini's Piper set, thereby leaving but one solitary figure unused (if I field the specialist that is).

Enough of the drooling, and on to the review:

Along with the deployment card and the bases, there are 5 minis in this box. All in different poses, inkeeping with the way Spartan do things, no two figures the same in a box. Unlike the previous Spartan Infantry box, these are multi part figures. 1 is a one piece mini, but the rest are either 2 or 3 parts. The minis are skinny, which is in keeping with Spartan's aesthetic, but for some reason is more noticeable on these figures.

The separate arms is a great thing in my opinion. There is one that is pretty much just the gun with a hand attached. Which is perfect to use with a little insta-mold to make plenty copies of the KoB rifle. I foresee a great number of conversions of other minis to bulk up my KoB force once I have that mold set up.

There's quite a bit of flash on these minis, but nothing that won't be cleaned off with the usual techniques. There doesn't seem to be any flash in places that a good craft knife can't deal with. The mould lines are minimal. There is however, a miscasting issue with one of the guns. the barrel end of the gun is completely misshapen. Just a round blob. This will be a test of Spartan Games customer service.
The Miscast
The only other mild issue I have with this box in general is that it contains 5 minis, compared to the other KoB Infantry Section, which has 6. This is a relatively minor gripe, as these are multi part minis. Additionally, when a section has a maximum of 10 men, it makes a little more sense to sell the miniatures in boxes of 5, rather than 10, that way you get an even number of boxes to make a full section (as I said above), rather than having to buy a second box, then have too many.

I'm really looking forward to fielding these guys, but with the miscast, and my own modelling plans to deal with first, they may be a while more before making it onto the table. Overall, I like the minis, and I like the fact they are multi-part, as that allows for easier customisation of the unit.


  1. Cool, they do look a little skinny, but I don't think they are bad, will you be converting them at all, or just a straight up paint job? I have a heap of 15mm highlanders I will be converting to steam punk, mine are all in pith helmets though, I'll be adding some armour and gas masks to mine.

    1. Sounds like quite an undertaking, I look forward to seeing the results of that.

  2. plenty of flash and mould lines on them and oddly shiney. I am sure when given a good paint job they will look fine but do not look like my cup of tea. Thanks for sharing though
    Peace James

    1. The flash came of easily enough, and they tidied up well enough. The shine may just be the flash from the camera making them look that way.