Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dystopian Legions, Kingdom of Britannia, Black Watch Sergeant and Specialist.

Thankfully, the sergeant and specialist for the Black Watch come in the same box, unlike the specialist for the normal line section, which comes in a box with another line Infantryman (alright I suppose, as it's a pose not available in the Section box), or the Sergeant who comes with the Lieutenant box set, which is a little more useless, as you'll want to field more Sergeants than Lieutenants, especially for KoB, where normal Line Infantry Sergeants are the same price as infantrymen.

But I digress, this is a good match of minis, as a Black Watch section can contain one Sergeant and one specialist.

On to the minis, they are of the usual Spartan style, in that the box shows the computer renders of the minis, so you know pretty much what you're getting. The minis thenselves have the usua low amount of flash and some mould lines,  but nothing major. Each mini is in two parts. The Sergeant coming with a separate sword scabbard, and the barrel of the Specialist's gun, and the attached arm is separate from the main body of the mini

I was a little disappointed with the standard of the sculpts in other ways. The basket of the Sergeant's sword on my mini, was miscast. Nothing that you would notice from afar, or when painted, so I don't think I'll be asking for a better casting, but a little annoying none-the-less.

The second thing that bugs me is that the arm and gun barrel don't quite fit with the rest of the mini. I've bent and pushed the parts, but haven't yet figured the best way to connect them. They are not a complicated fit, but they just don't seem to want to go. I had the same issue with the Black Watch Infantryman in the running pose, in that one of the sets of arms fitted well, but the second one I had did not. In the end this was not a great problem, as I converted one of them to a knife-man, but it seems to be an issue Spartan are having. Maybe these arms are being a little twisted coming off the sprues in a way that makes them a less than perfect fit.

Overall, a great little addition to the Black Watch section, two characterful sculpts, with minimal flash or mould lines,  but with other casting issues.


  1. Ah, the downward spear things are coming out of the logo, not his hat. I was wondering why he had handlebars.

    1. Lol, took me a minute to see what you were going on about!