Monday, November 18, 2013

Kingdom of Britannia: KRRC Sergeant

For this month's Colore ton Monde, the challenge is to paint a secondary leader. Not the big boss, but someone in authority none the less. This, matched with an inspiring game of Dystopian Legions last week (my first win, and the first outing for the Terrier Ironclad) led me back to this guy. The Sergeant from this box, who has been painted up to lead the King's Royal Rifle Corps, who now number 8 figures including the drummer (which leaves me with three troopers to complete their number, or 1 more and some specialists).

I'm quite happy with the way he turned out, although the rusty barbed wire on his base needs a little something to make it more realistic

I had this guy earmarked for this unit as it was the one I had just finished when I bought him. There was some swithering as to whether he would be repurposed for the 91st once I started them, as the army I fielded last week was essentially Scottish in theme, but he has been commisioned to his original unit. I'll have to find my Scots Sergeant elsewhere.

Now to get back to the Ironclad.