Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Colore ton Monde: December

I'm a little delayed in posting this month's challenge, but here we are. First off, here are the results of last month's challenge to paint a sub-commander, some great paint jobs as always. My entry has it's own post here, although the pictures don't do him justice, he seems very red when compared to other pics on the Club Chaos site. Still, I can't be an expert in everything!

Moving on to this month, the theme for December is quite an obvious one,

Petite neige féérique, ou maudite marde blanche

Décembre est officiellement le début de l'hiver. Cette année, nous avons eu de la neige tôt, et contrairement à l'habitude pour les bordées hâtives, elle a l'air d'y être pour rester. Pour le mois de décembre, on vous invite à peindre un modèle principalement en blanc, ou avec un thème hivernal.

Pretty fairy dust, or Cursed white sh*t.

December is the official start to winter. This year we had the snow early, and unlike usual early snow-falls, it looks like it's here to stay.For the month of December, we invite you to paint a model in mainly white, or with a winter theme.
Thankfully for me, I have a whole winter themed army (two in fact) in my Legion of Everblight, just waiting to be painted (with Khador being the second).  I have the Blackfrost Shard ready and waiting to go (already started now, after all, it's the 10th already). These are really nice minis, and they're painting up well. Pictures will be posted shortly.

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