Friday, December 13, 2013

Colore ton Monde: December II

As I mentioned in my last post for this month's challenge, finding minis to paint in a winter theme is not an issue, anfterall I have two warmahordes armies that fit the bill. So here we have some pics of my painted Blackfrost Shard figure. Well, one of the three brothers to start.

The cape came out much better than I expected. I was left wondering how to complete the runes round the cloak edge, but a simple dab or two of Mithril Silver over the runes, then a dark blue wash and they look fine.

The other two members of the unit better jump up to the front of the paint queue before I forget how I did this guy!

Going to have to go back and finish the face, it's looking really crude and unfinished there.


  1. I really like the cloak, works great


    1. Thanks for that Ian, now to see if I can replicate it on the other two members of the unit!