Tuesday, June 3, 2014

In Her Majesty's Name: The Society of Thule, Tod-truppen

This month's Colore ton Monde challenge was to paint a mini. Any mini. Man that was a toughie! I'm not being completely facetious here, as the guide to what to paint each month does help. I have a huge lead mountain to scale, and sometimes I need a little help with which direction to take next. So you might say the Colore ton Monde challenge is my Sherpa!

Finally, I decided upon some minis I bought back in the UK in February, The Society of Thule.

A recent sale of old stock by North Star Figures led to be buying a whole bunch of 1866 Prussians. This was not due to any intention of actually gaming the Austro-Prussian war, but as use for other Victorian gaming, either to be converted as Hannoverian troops for my Dystopian Legion Britannians, or as Prussians to game with in IHMN.

The last week has therefore been less painting and more model prep of these guys, and the Thule boxed set. I was surprised to see and feel that the North Star minis came with a lot of mold releasing agent still on them, so they needed a good scrub before basing and priming.

I have been trying to paint the whole lot of the Jägers, both from the IHMN box and the batch of 12 North Star Jägers, but that was taking too long for me to have any figs actually finished in time for the end of the month, so I decided to just get on and finish some of them, so as to have something to submit to this month's Colore ton Monde. Of all the minis, the Tod-truppen were the simplest to do, with less kit than the rest of the troopers.

I'm not entirely sold on the fact I went for green skin on a green uniform, but it does go with my current trend of limiting my palette.

Hopefully the rest of the contingent of Jägers will follow shortly, with the rest of the Society of Thule hot on their heels (there are 3 other character models in the box).


  1. Great job Derek, I really must dig mine out and get them painted.

  2. Nice work! I'm prefer your paint job to the one on North Star website.

    1. They are a little less cartoony and dirty! Thanks for that.

  3. Nicely painted Sir!

    1. Thanks for that! The rest of them should be done shortly.