Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kingdom of Britannia: General Conveyor

This month's challenge was to paint a box!  Well, not quite, but anyway, this little APC will do for packing up a unit of flame-throwers, and sending them up to the front lines of my opponent.

I have made two little additions to the basic model, firstly, I have magnetised the driver, to give me the option of fitting him, or having the hatch closed (I have yet to figure out how I will attach the open hatch as an option, rather than a permanent fixture).

Secondly, I have given attached a little pennant, with the badge of the 91st Highland Infantry (without the crown, as I have seen this version too) as this will be the unit I use with the Conveyor. The other badge on the side is taken from here. Of course, none of these are valid to the Victorian era, but then again, this is steampunk, not historical gaming, so all is good!

As always, when I take pics, you see bits I have to touch up, but it'll do for now.

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