Monday, August 11, 2014

IHMN: Society of Thule, Dr Kobalt

Here is this month's miniature for the Colore Ton Monde painting challenge. Again, an early finish this month, and again, this is leaving me with plenty of time to get on with painting my Dystopian Legion Light Dragoons (those guys are taking forever for some reason).

Dr Kobalt is Count von Stroheim's personal artificer, and the brains behind the Tod-truppen. His Arc generator means that any Jager that fall in his vicinity are raised again as Tod-truppen.

This month's theme was archaeology, but it could also be stretched to cover scientific types (there are not many straight archaeological miniatures). Therefore, this guy fits right in.


  1. He is a wonderful character and I love the green fluid in his backpack - great job.

    1. Cheers for that Michael. The green fluid should be visible on each of the minis in the faction so far. It makes sense on the zombi-uh, the Tod-truppen and the good Dr here, maybe less so on the Count and the his bodyguard (still to be painted), but it binds them together!