Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dystopian Legion: Knightly Orders, Light Dragoons

I have finally finished with the Light Dragoons. These guys took forever, and as always, once you take some good pics of your minis, you see them in all their sloppy glory, so have to go back and work on them some more!

Either way, these guys are ready for the table, (not that two unit's will be seeing the table at the same time very often).

I was particularly proud of the hat bands on their glengarrys. The check looks fine from a distance, but up close, not so much.

Here are some group shots. The close ups are Under the cut at the bottom of the post.


To distinguish between the two sections, the bases are different. One with fences, and the second section with some bricks/tiles on them. I had originally though to do them with different colour facings on the uniforms, but this way they can all be fielded in one unit, is I don't want to put them on the table with their specialist in tow (the guys with the big guns).

Now, on to the individual pics of each Knight. Warning, that's a lot of pictures after the cut. Click on the pictures for larger versions, that way you can see all the flaws in my paint job!


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