Monday, December 22, 2014

Dystopian Legions: Black Wolf Raiding Party

This evening saw the completion of the Black Wolf Raiding Party for Dystopian Legions.

The Black Wolf Raiding party, is a section of mercenaries, that so far, any player can take as an addition to their regular forces. In the old rules, there was a max of 6 men per section. In V2.0, they can be taken in a section of up to 10. This can include one officer, and two specialists. This means, that under the new rules, I can play double the number of guys, but that means I have to buy another box, and I won't be able to use the officer figure that comes with it.

As to the minis themselves. I was very impressed with the minis at first, they are both finely made, and yet sturdy. They are, like all Spartan minis, 32mm, but a little more true-scale than some, which means, that even at 32mm, there is not much detail on the faces. They have little pits for eyes, and that leaves most of the definition up to the painters brush. They also have stripes sculpted into their shirts. I tried two or three various ways to make use of this sculpting, but the details are just not well enough defined for my hand, so I had to freehand on the stripes. They work at a distance, but look crude close up. I am happy with the blending on the tops of their hats though.


  Group Shots

I had taken these minis along to the masterclass to give a coat there, but the details and scale of them let them less than perfect for the skills I was trying to develop at the class, however, I am happy that they are finished, and I'm sure they'll see use on the table soon, either in my forces, or bulking up an opponents forces to help play a larger points game.