Friday, December 19, 2014

I am Part Timelord!

I always knew this to be kinda true, you know, despite the evidence to the contrary, lack of time-machine, only one heart, that kind of thing, but I read it in Doctor Who Magazine Issue 480, whilst waiting for the train this morning, I am related to the latest incarnation of the Rani (by blood, if a little diluted, she's my Mum's cousin).

I met with her at a recent family gathering, where she mentioned recording with Big Finish Audio, but I didn't really think about it, and didn't ask for more info, and then the conversation moved on, but after having seen her face in the mag, I wish I had pushed for more info, although reading about it, that may have been for a previous production she did with them. Also, this was announced back in June of this year, so I am ever so slightly behind the times. Still, I'll go and buy these episodes now for sure.

So, it seems that Timelords have a large amount of Scottish blood in them (3 Doctors, 1 Master and 1 Rani), maybe that's why they make such good explorers and travel so well, after all, if Scots are known for one thing, it's leaving Scotland!

Ok, so this is not exactly wargame related, but I geeked out a little when I read the headline, and had to post it on the internet somewhere, as that is what one does these days, no?

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