Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Colore ton monde

March's Colore ton monde painting challenge has been announced. Last month's entries are found on Facebook here, and more pictures of my entry are in this post. Looking at the other pictures on facebook, mine seems rather dark. I need to work on my photography setup!

This month's challenge is as follows:

* Un peu d'espoir, ou de bière ! *
Le printemps débute officiellement pendant le mois à venir. Avec lui devrait en théorie venir les premières pousses vertes. On sait bien que ça peut prendre un peu plus longtemps avec notre climat, mais la Saint-Patrick nous offrira notre touche de vert pour le mois, si jamais la neige ne part pas. Pour le mois de mars, nous vous invitons à peindre un modèle contenant du vert, signifiant le renouveau,... ou alors un modèle festif, un peu porté sur la boisson.

* A little hope, or beer! *

Spring officially begins in the month to come. With it should come first green shoots in theory. We know well that it may take a little longer with our climate, but St. Patrick's day give us our touch of green for the month, if the snow doesn't leave. In March, we invite you to paint a model containing green, signifying renewal, ... or a festive model, a little worn on the drink.

So, what to go with? I can't think of any minis I have that have a beer or drinking theme, so I'll go with green. I'm unlikely to get one of my casters to fit this scheme. There is a bit of green on the Butcher model I'm finishing off, but he was mostly painted a long time ago, so I'm not going to enter him here. I pulled out a couple of other minis that I had started in green, so maybe one of those will be finished off...

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