Monday, March 30, 2015

Khador Caster Challenge, March: The Butcher of Khardov

This month was the new League at my FLGS, through which I planned to play, and to play Khador. This is what the Khador Caster Challenge was laid down for, to get these guys on the table and play with them. I plan to play lots of eVlad, as I plan to win lots of games, however, I also want to take my time with him and paint him well, so for this month, I went back to touch up the paint job on pButcher, and sort his base out. A quick fix to get another caster completed and move on to other things. In the end, the league closes this week, and i got in a whole two matches, but that's still better than nothing.

The start of the month was taken up with the conversion and painting of my Manhunter hero for the league, so I wanted to get on with that rather than spend too long on the 'Caster this month. The Butcher was also the caster I played my second and last game of the league with. He won.

The Lady herself!
One down, two more challenges to get done for this month, with Colore ton Monde, and another, which I will reveal when all is done and dusted in a month or two.

That leaves the running total as follows:

Casters Painted: 5
The Old Witch and Scrapjack
pVlad (variant)

Casters to Paint: 7


  1. I like how the reds and greens go together. Nice work on the color combo!