Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Khador Caster Challenge, April: Kommandant Irusk

This month has been a bust in painting terms, between family holidays and other commitments, I have had a grand total of 4 hours painting so far this month. Not that I am complaining, as the other stuff has been fun, but it does leave the post count here at a low ebb.

To combat this lack of time, I am painting one mini that will fit in both with this month's colore ton monde challenge, and my self imposed Khador Caster challenge. Since this month's colore ton monde was open to pretty much anything, this was not hard.

I had previously put some base colours down on pIrusk, and he is a relatively simple model compared to the epic versions of the casters that are left to do on my list, so that made him a shoe-in for this month's mini.

I experimented a bit on the Khador anvils on his shoulder pads and neck. as well as with the crest band on his hat. Rather than going for a metallic gold, I went yellow with a bit of highlighting. This is not an NMM effect as such, but has the same feel. A little more cartoony than many of my historical minis, but that fits with Mr Big-Hat here.

This leaves the Khador Caster Challenge in the following state:

Casters Painted: 6
The Old Witch and Scrapjack
pVlad (variant)

Casters to Paint: 6

Half way there in 4 months, but with some of the bigger models like eButcher and eIrusk still to go I'm glad to have time to work on them as they may take more than one month each at my current rate of painting.

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