Sunday, April 12, 2015

Colore Ton Monde, April

This month is running late, both at my side in the painting and blogging, and at the Club Chaos side, as the challenge as posted is as follows:

Et bien, j'ai oublié de publier le thème d'avril... Pour compenser pour ce délai, nous vous invitons à peindre un modèle que vous aviez déjà débuté par le passé. Comme ce n'est pas tout le monde qui a des modèles en attente, vous pouvez peindre pas mal n'importe quoi.
So, to translate, the theme wasn't posted in time, so to compensate, we are invited to paint a model that has already been started. This suits me doubly fine, as I have only just returned from a week's vacation in New York, so have not even thought about getting my paints out yet, and can't see much time in the rest of the month to do much either. Here's to getting something done eventually!

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