Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Urban War: Viridian Special Forces and Sniper

Next batch of minis for this winters Cleaning out the Closet challenge are done.

These are the first wave of Viridian Special Forces minis, and were painted a couple of years ago. They lay languishing in a box since then but I'm looking to get them on the table soon. The Viridian forces are also known for their snipers, and the sniper minis are in my opinion, some of the coolest from this range.

Head over to the original post for the 360 views, here I've concentrated on the group as a whole and the bases. The bases are Secret Weapon Urban Rubble bases. The original group of Viridians were based on a similar set, that has now been discontinued. The original set were much chunkier and more 3D, and I really liked that about them, however, they may have caused issues with the moulds or something, as the new/replacement set are much flatter. The Special forces leader in the last two pics is on the old style base, as are the Marines in this post.