Saturday, April 21, 2012

Battlefield detritus

My laptop finally gave up the ghost, so I have a) a little more time to paint (less distractions), and b) no way to post what I have painted. I have snuck onto my good lady's PC this afternoon and so am posting these few pictures of the painted cannon wreck markers/scenery/space filler/objective tokens, or whatever you think they're good for.

From what I have seen, green was a good colour to paint the cannon wrecks to make them French. I will likely use the rest to make a few more bases and paint them blue to represent British artillery wreckage.


  1. Thanks, although I can't really take credit for the idea, it's bsed on an article on basing in an issue of Wargaming Illustrated, combined with a post on someone's blog (which i can't place right now) where they used GW movement trays for their Napoleonic figs. Steal from 1 source, it,s plagerism, steal from many, it's research! ;)