Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Western Gal.

With a little inspiration from here, I got round to painting this Reaper mini. I have a few Western minis kicking around, either straight historical minis like this, or with an eye to use in Deadlands. Back in the old country, I played in a many year long Deadlands campaign (which is still running, despite my absence, although I did try to play online for a while). We never used minis for the game, but did on a rare occasion play Rail Wars or Savage Worlds as wargames/skirmish games. I have since had a soft spot for the era, and pick up appropriate minis when I see them (yeah, cos you know, I need an excuse!).

Anyway, the colous scheme is simple enough, and I'm happy with the use of Bleached bone to get the blonde hair. I always end up making blondes far too yellow, which may work in some cases where I'm looking for a more cartoony effect, or with modern day miniatures, but for realism, this looks better. Of course the camera shows all the flaws in the skin tones, and she would profit from having some eyes, but I think she's rather neat as is.
I may have to go back and ink round the white parts of the dress, to make it pop a little more, and to hide the flaws.

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