Friday, April 27, 2012

Urban War: Viridians

This was what you could call an exercise in speed painting, this whole squad was painted in less than 3 hours. Somewhat of a record for me. I think even a record in that I have a whole squad of anything painted.

The reason for painting them is as follows. I bought a pot of P3 Battledress Green, with the aim of using it to finish off these guys, but I wanted to see if it dried to a khaki colour, or a darker green. This unit was sitting at the front of the cupboard, all based on their fancy bases,and undercoated ready to go, so I figured, why not? It's a fair enough colour to use for urban camouflage. 2 evenings later, and here we have a fully finished, (tabletop quality) Urban War Strike force.

In answer to my original query, I think it's a little too dark for the khaki colour I was going for, especially as my Infinity minis are undercoated in black (these were in white geso). Back tot he drawing board for that one.

I bought these about 1-2 years ago, along with a box of Syntha, with the intention of being able to run demo games for Urban War. I've been playing the Urban War family of games (including the predecessor Void) for quite a few years. In fact, I used to live around the corner from their bricks and mortar shop, when they had one in Edinburgh (nice way to spend too much money). I have a few painted minis (but not a completed force) sitting in my parents attic back in the old country, which I plan to pick up the next time I'm back over there, thereby having at least 4 basic forces to chose from. At least now one for those forces will be fully painted. That may be enough to attract the odd opponent.

More pics after the cut