Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Big 'uns painting blog.

Last weekend, the Big 'un and I had a little painting session. Which resulted in the beautiful pirate girl you see here.

There remains the basing to be done another time, but she assures me it is finished.
My only (very small) issue with painting with the Big 'un, is that she only wants to paint girls (or animals), so I'll have to go find a supply of minis for her to paint, as my stock of random female miniatures is running low.

Next up is an update from this post here, where we first saw this beautiful mini. When we brought this out to finish, I introduced her to the inks, and showed her that if we put some of the brown ink over the face, we could see the eyes and other facial features better. She liked that. After that we moved on to the base to get it finished. She remembered I had some little leaves, which she wanted to use. Then she told me she wanted the girl to be standing under a tree, and did I have any? To which, I popped out onto the balcony, and got her a little twig, gave her some glue and flock, and voila!

After seeing this little WIP, she decided she wanted to have a crow too, however, I didn't have any left, so the little blob of milliput on the tree is my attempt at a crow, and the only addition I made to this vignette, the rest is all her own work. I'm sure she'll paint the crow black the next session we have.

Now, to find some animal minis for her, or maybe a Unicorn...

N.B. This is my 99th post. Will there be something grand and exciting for 100? Watch this space!
(disclaimer: there's unlikely to be anything too grand, but a little self advertising can't hurt).


  1. My little one is still too young, but I hope he will like to have some hobby time with me once he is old enough. :)

    If your Big 'un is into pony/unicorns, or other cute characters, I got into a chibi kickstarter last month and I still have open slots in my selection. I could get you one or two models for her. Check them there:

    1. That's a great idea. When do you need to know by?

    2. I expect the kickstarter survey early next year. I will email you when I get it, if you have not made a choice yet. :)