Friday, April 5, 2013

Convergence of Cyriss Servitors

A new PP Insider article that was posted this week, talks about the Convergence of Cyriss, and their support solos, called Servitors.
To quote the article:
"the majority of the army’s solos are comprised of servitors—autonomous clockwork constructs designed to fulfill a single battlefield role. Cheap and numerous, servitors quickly became a defining aspect of the Convergence army."
I am very intrigued by how this unique miniature type will affect the playstyle of this new faction. I really like the sound of these guys. I have been keeping an eye on this emerging faction, and I do like a lot of what I see, although I am yet not completely sold on the 'jacks. I see them as a little too bulky for my tastes, and they don't really mesh with what I see as the Art Deco esthetique of the 'casters and units.

I also really like the concept art (click on the above link to see them). I'm sure these guys will have uses as minis for other games and scenarios, either in RPGs, or in Dystopian Legions. Also, since they're smaller, that also means they'll come in at a very affordable price range (one can hope).

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