Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kingdom of Britannia: Other minis

This is a compilation post of the other finished minis I have for my Dystopian Legions Kingdom of Britannia force. These may have been shown before as WIPs, or even as fully, but they are shown here in their complete and based form. Just to get them out there, and posted.

All I have to complete for this army now is the second of my HMGs, and the Air Hussars, who have been sitting forlornly waiting their turn at the front of the paint queue since the very beginning of this project.

Sergeant for my next section (yet to be purchased), the Prince of Wales Volunteers (South Essex). I may have to sculpt little feathers and or eagles for their helmets.

Lieutenant for my force, henceforth to be referred to as Bromhead.

Bertie. I painted the eyes on this guy, as he's a character, not just rank and file, but I'm not happy with them (am I ever?), so I'll likely redo them.

Drummer boy for the 24th, South Wales Borderers.

Now, onwards to organise my first game of this, hopefully before too long!

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