Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools!

Happy First of April everyone. Did you get caught out? The local version of Virgin Radio and the Local Rock station (CHOM) switched frequencies on me this morning. It took me a little time to figure out when I turned the car radio on, but was fun and amusing. Especially when they turned back, then played a bunch of calls from people kindly phoning to tell them there was a problem.

The local radio stations are not the only ones running little gags, there are some wargaming related ones out there too.

Rather nifty tutorial on the Tale of Painters Blog, showing how to paint Frodo wearing the One Ring. Of course, you could also Proxy this as Bilbo wearing the One Ring, if you want to use it for Hobbit games too.

Clever but obviously April Fools post from Warlord Games, teaming up with Wargames Soldiers and Strategy magazine to produce a new Magazine, Warlord Soldiers and Strategy. A little gentle digging at the Wargames Illustrated/Battlefront team up too.

Privateer Press have tinkered with their site too, suggesting that their Gobbos have been having a go at the pics on the site. Usually PP are rahter imaginitice with their April Fools, but unless I'm missing something, this one seems rather flat.

There's also this post on Wargaming Tradecraft, less of an April Fools post, and more of a joke post. How to win more games through better cheating

Of course, the web is full of such little gags this morning, for a run down of some of the better ones out there this year, click here.

EDIT: The PP site has taken the boards off the images now, to show all the pics with Bodgers faces. The link to the story why is here.

EDIT II: The estimable Mr Awdry has a post detailing the new range of Rustled Cattle, and there's a lot of work gone into those images, and the box ! Good one Michael!


  1. Some great spots there, we had a little fun over at 28mm Victorian Warfare too.

    1. Your entry slipped completely past me there! Seems you took in a couple of people too! ;)