Thursday, April 3, 2014

Urban War: Viridian Special Forces

As I posted at the end of last month, I painted up my Viridian Special Forces for March's Colore ton Monde. Here are some more pics of, and info on these minis. These are the first edition Viridian Special forces, and in my opinion, the nicer ones. The second wave ones have large shoulder pads. Which, although tying them in with the marines of the same faction, would rather stand out on the battle field. They are also a bit smaller than the other Urban War Minis, and have less to tie them in to the rest of the faction in general, but I still feel they have much more character.

The Squad Leader

It is interesting to note, that of the four members of this unit, 3 are female. As are the veteran sniper and commander figure. Furthermore, none of these female figures have gratuitously exposed cleavages. Yes, I am aware that this company made up for this with the syntha faction running around naked, but we must count the victories too. It is an example that games like Dystopian Legions have failed to follow.

The bases for these guys have finally arrived, and will be added shortly.

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