Sunday, April 27, 2014

Khador: Old Witch and Scrapjack

This month's 'Colore Ton Monde' entry, and one that I took a bunch of inspirational pictures to help me with the rusting effects. Very useful that the hydrants round here are in Khador red I thought!

I really threw the kitchen sink at this model as far as techniques go, as it is also contains my first attempt at OSL, and there's some luminescent paint in there too (the Old Witch's Staff, and Scrappy's eyes glow in the dark... a little). The only thing I thought to try and didn't was some crackle paint on the legs, but you never know, I may go back and try that, as Scrappy really is the idea candidate for that.

On with the pictures, as always, click to embiggen.

Some close-ups on the rusting and weathering effects. I'm not going to give any close-ups of the legs, as I had them looking okay, then I went a little overboard, and messed them up.

Finally, the main thrust behind the theme this year was the prevalence of slush and snow earlier in the month, clogging up the city streets. I tried to make my own slush mix, using white sand as the ice/snow particles, mixed with water effect gel and some muddy colours. The final effect was less than good. The water effects dried too clear, and the mud was too uniform to look like real slush. I tried to add some snow powder on top, but it didn't save it, so the whole lot got dry-brushed with some white. A new layer pf snow to cover all the imperfections. Isn't that why we like the look of newly fallen snow?

The water effect was good for sticking the white sand to up-lifted foot of Scrappy, there has to be some mileage in that as a technique somewhere.

The Old Witch is very modest in comparison. I re-used the palette from the Feralgeist on her staff, with an added coat of Glow-in-the-dark paint on top. The effect is very feint, but it's there. And yes, I do plan to go back to the Feralgeist and use the paint on him!

The last pic on the left is the glow effect on the staff. The pic on the right has been monkeyed with slightly to brighten the effect.

She truly is a great mini, with lots of hidden gems dotted around (mostly faces in the fold of her cloak/bag, with the odd skull here and there). I even used her in her first game, which is a long time coming, since I have owned the model for a good number of years now, maybe 7 or 8. She didn't win, but it was close. This odd couple will certainly be seeing the table again, and soon.


  1. Love the work you've done on that!

    1. Cheers Michael, it was a lot of fun trying thing out.