Monday, July 7, 2014

Colore ton Monde Juillet: Star Player

Last month was moving month here in Montreal, so the challenge was to paint a box (or use that as the inspiration. The entries for this challenge can be seen on the Club Chaos group's facebook page here, and the post on my entry with multiple pics is here.

This month's challenge takes the ongoing World Cup as it's inspiration, and challenges us to paint a Star Player.

* Star Player *  
En l'honneur de la Coupe du Monde, nous vous invitons à peindre un de vos Star Players.

Soit un modèle qui fait plus que sa part, sur lequel vous vous fiez beaucoup et qui ne passe jamais inaperçu dans une partie (et/ou qui coûte un moton de points/bidoux )

* Star  Player*
In honour of the World Cup, we invite you to paint your Star Players.

Either a model that does more than its share, on which you rely a lot, or never goes unnoticed in a game (and/or cost a heap of points)  
I have just returned from my 2 week summer holidays (more on that soon), so I have not yet decided where to go with this. The simplest response would be to go with a Warlock or Warcaster, as I always have many of those on the lead pile, but I feel that a little too easy, so I'll wait till I get the paint brushes out and see where the inspiration takes me!

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