Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kingdom of Britannia: Light Dragoons WIP

Back to the Dystopian legions for a bit with the Light Dragoons. The lull in their release schedule means I can get well on my way to having a fully painted collection for my Kingdom of Britannia force.  After these guys are done, I'll only have the tank, the Black Watch to finish, and the Russian Mercs to do.

These guys have been looking at me from my shelf for a few months, but I decided, with this month's Colore ton Monde out of the way early, the path was clear.

It says something about the level of interest of this game, when I do a Google search for painted versions of these for some inspiration, and th most hits are links to my own blog! That may be the effect of my Google bubble, but I fear it's also indicative of the state of Dystopian Legions, in that there are not many others out there painting these.

Still, by painting these at the Oldies last night, at least they got some local interest, so another match may be on the horizon soon!

I now have two full units assembled, as pictured here. A bit of overkill, I'm sure, but there's at least 1 scenario that calls for that, plus the lack of units available for the game means I can use two for a bit of variety. I have distinguished between them in their bases. One unit having tiles on the bases, ad the other having remnants of fences they've just trodden over.

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