Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dystopian Legions: Codename Iron Scorpion I

My box has arrived. I am now the proud owner of the Dystopian Legions two player box set, Codename: Iron Scorpion. Not only does this box contain the new version of the rules and a campaign guide, it also has 2 armies (The Covenant of Antartica and the Republic of France), as well as templates, dice, cards and counters, but it also has scenery in the form of a ruined fort in multiple parts, all ready for the included campaign, and other games. That's pretty unbeatable for content I think. Full contents are listed on the Spartan Games website here.

I'll post pictures and a review shortly, and will get on with building the minis in the next week or so, as there area few local gamers who are waiting to play with me. November's going to be another Dystopian Legions month here on Lead and Paint!


  1. Sounds intriguing, looking forward to seeing some pictures.

    1. Soon. I've spent the last few evenings building the figures, so within the next week I should have them all done and primed.