Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Signal Boost: American History Too

I would very much like to draw your attention to American History Too, a thirty minute podcast, coming very much from an academic stand point, being of direct use to students studying history at University, particularly Edinburgh University, but of course, learning and discussion are by no means the preserve of mere students, some may even say they're even wasted on students.

As a further gaming link, as if one was needed, you may have heard of one of the podcasters before in gaming circles. Dr Malcolm Craig, is a real renaissance man, as he is also the Writer/Creator of both Cold City and Hot War, two excellent indie RPGs that I can thoroughly recommend to those of you who play RPGs.

One criticism I would make, they need to work on their logo, but hey, I'll let them off since they're just setting out.
Go check them out, they now have a whole two episodes for you to listen to.

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