Thursday, October 30, 2014

Birthday Unsurprise

Today is/was my birthday, and as part of my gift from my wonderful family, I was given the rather fetching cake you see in the picture there! Yum yum! This was along with some other Lego, that I may or may not have chosen myself! I hide nothing, it's a great toy that all the family gets the benefit from!

I was also given a rather nice set of brushes, as pictured below. Yes, there are some Windsor and Newton series 7 in there, yes that is the most money I have ever put out for single brushed, by about a factor of 10. I do believe they will be worth it, indeed they are a required purchase for what is to be my Christmas present. I am heading along to the Montreal Masterclass, run and taught by Meg Maples in December, and I am rather looking forward to it.


Before that, I guess I better get my brushes broken in. Well, maybe broken in isn't the best term to use here, I think I'll be rather careful with those brushes...