Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dystiopan Legions: French Legionaires WIP

I am getting through building the pile of minis that comes in the Iron Scorpion boxed set, there are a lot to get through, many of which went together really easily. many, but not all.

I have not quite given up on building the Antarticans, but the automata are in 6-7 pieces each, and are a pain in the ass to build, so that's going slowly, and the Warmaster limited figure needs a whole bunch of cleaning up, due to flash at his feet, which really must be removed to put him on his special base. With these points in mind, it was much easier to start with the Frenchies.

I've put together all of the French models that came in the boxed set, and have moved on to painting them, finally. The first WIPs can be seen here. The scheme is pretty much the studio scheme, as I've stuck with the historical background for my KoB army and figured I'd do the same with these. The Covenant figures, being completely fictional, can obviously be done as I please.

More painting hopefully this evening.


  1. They look rather splendid Derek, great fun.

  2. Race you to the end, though to be honest you would probably win, I am a slow painter!

    1. lol, that is in no way a sure thing. Last month I painted exactly 1 miniature! ;)