Thursday, November 13, 2014

Forgotten and Glorious Franco-Prussian minis

FG MiniZ Forgotten and Glorious are starting to release French Infantry for the Franco-Prussian war. They have posted their planned releases here. If the plate they posted with this is anything to go by, these will be perfect to boost the numbers of any Republic of France army for Dystopian Legions.

I have reviewed these guys before, and the mini I have is large 28mm, so the scale of the larger Spartan minis should not be an issue.

Even if they are armed differently, there shouldn't be too much issues in GS-ing the guns, either by making a cast from a Spartan one, or just adding a bayonet, as really, no-one looks that closely, especially if they are all painted and based in the same theme.

I am particularly looking forward to the supporting minis they may release, like the command and musician minis, the Vivandière and the infantry kneeling dishing out cartridges sounds like someone who can act as artillery support very easily.

Also, any graphic artists out there looking to help out the company, they are running a contest to design their logo.

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