Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Colore ton Monde November: Armistace

Halloween is past, and the clocks have been turned back, and we enter into the last part of the year, however, we still have the Colore ton Monde painting challenge to occupy us as the nights draw in!

Last month's challenge, inkeeping with Halloween, was to paint a monster, or a monster hunter. Mine is here, and the rest of the entries can be found on facebook here. A hoary bunch of monsters indeed!

This month's challenge is as follows:

* Armistace *
Le 11 novembre 1918, les Alliés et l'Allemagne signe l'armistice de Compiègne, qui met fin à la première guerre mondiale. Pour souligner cette date importante, nous vous suggérons de peindre un modèle non combattant. Nos jeux demeurant des jeux de guerre, ces figurines ne pleuvent pas; nous étendons le thème aux modèles de support et aux aide-soignants (medics).

* Armistace *
The 11th of November, 1918, the allies and the Germans signed the Armistace Treaty, which finally put an end to the Great War. To underline this important date, we suggest you paint a non-combatant model. Our hobby being about wargames, we are not showered with these models, so we extend the theme to support models, and medics.

Easy peasy. One Dystopian Legions nurse coming up (both a medic, and she has the rule non-combatant), leaving plenty of time to paint up some other DL Frenchies, with their devilish moustaches for Movember, then maybe a sauropod or two for Dinovember, theme months are all the thing, are they not?

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