Thursday, January 1, 2015

Painting Challenge 2015: Khador Casters

I have been playing Warmachine on and off, pretty much since it was first released, when I bought a Khador battle box, Eiryss, and a Manhunter at Claymore, back in the mists of time. Of those minis, I have fully painted the two jacks, and the Manhunter. Eiryss languishes with a base coat, painted way back then, and Sorscha? well, least said the better.

Khador has always been my faction. But, in saying that, I think I have only painted two of the Khador casters to completion, one being pButcher* and the other being the Old Witch, painted very very recently. I intend to remedy this failing, and to this end, I have challenged myself to paint one caster a month for the duration of 2015.

I own:
The Old Witch and ScrapJack (completed)
pButcher (to be based)

pVlad (variant)

That equals eleven casters, and of those, I have finished one and the eButcher needs only to be based, so 10 models to finish in twelve months. I think I can handle that. I will add in the Warcaster attachment of the War Dog if it looks like I am running ahead of myself (unlikely).

My reward, if I should complete my challenge, is that I will buy myself either 3Butcher or 3Vlad. Both of whom are stunning models, who I do want to buy, but cannot justify due to my lack of funds, and time actually playing my Khador. Also, but the time I have finished this lot, I'll be a demon at painting red.

A secondary challenge to myself, is to play more games with my Khador. They are the largest army I possess (with maybe Legion of Everblight coming close, close second) but I rarely play them. That is something else that must be remedied.

I don't see myself going about this in any specific order, mainly be seeing what takes my fancy, so who knows what we'll see painted first. All that with the usual Colore ton Monde challenges being thrown about, and normal painting of other troops for Dystopian Legions, 2015 is going to be a busy year!

Wish me luck!

*For those not up in the Warmahordes parlance, p before the caster name indicates prime, as in first iteration, e means Epic, as in a second version of the caster, and 3 before the name indicates the third iteration of the caster.

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